Google Hangouts app removed from Play Store and App Store

New Delhi: For Workspace customers, Google Chats is replacing the old Hangouts. As part of the transition, Google has stated that the old Hangouts mobile apps would be disabled, and the app appears to have been withdrawn from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for new users. Although the app is no longer included in search results, it is still available to individuals who have it loaded on their cellphones.

According to the 9to5Google report, searching for the Hangouts app in the App Store no longer shows any results, and the direct link has been disabled. This comes after Google said that for Workspace customers who haven’t yet moved, Chat will become the default application. Those who have the Hangouts app on their devices can still use it. Every time you launch the programme, though, it displays a “Move to Google Chat in Gmail” alert.

The Android app is still available on the Google Play Store for older users, but it does not appear in the app market for new users. The removal of the iPhone and iPad apps is a recent move, and it marks a significant step toward Google permanently shutting down Hangouts.

Last week, Google began migrating Workspace users to Chats and Spaces. Hangouts for personal/free accounts will be discontinued on an unspecified date, according to Google.

Google recently stated that over a million false Google Maps profiles have been eliminated in the last year, thanks to its machine learning capability, which has aided in recognising scammers and fraud profiles on the site.


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